Beer Decision: July 15

As many of you already know, Thursday I like to get out and enjoy a few choice beers.  Today is a very important day.

Today is the day you, yes you, the voter will decide which beers I will be drinking this evening.

I’ll be making a case for each choice after the jump, but the real decision will be up to you!

Today’s choices:  Stouts, Pales, Belgians, and Doubles.

What will you choose?

The Candidates

The Stouts.

Who doesn’t love a stout?  Malty, creamy, sweet.  It’s a wonderful dark concoction of coffees and chocolates.  The occasional added flavor of vanilla, raspberry, or cherry; adding to the complexity.  Let’s not forget they tend to be higher in alcohol than an average beer.  What’s not to love?  Vote Stout!

The Pales.

Crisp and clean, and full of that bright hoppiness.  Ranging from a light floral scent to a blast of citrus hop powerful enough to feel like you’re chewing on the vine.  How can you go wrong with a Pale?  Thomas Jefferson had it right.  To life, liberty, and the pursuit of hoppyness (or almost right).  Vote Pale!

The Belgians.

So many flavors in one little glass.  Belgians can easily provide everything your looking for.  Be it the hoppy flavor of a Belgian IPA, or the malty sweetness of an Abbey style.  If it’s alcohol you’re after, why not a Trippel?  Belgians have the best of everything.  Vote Belgian!

The Doubles.

Put down your wimpy beers!  Pick up a true powerhouse!  Your Stouts and Pales are boring!  Sure they have malts and hops, but we’ve got MORE!!!  True strong flavor in every bottle.  Don’t waste your time on those lazy beers.  VOTE DOUBLE!!!!

Well, you’ve heard from the candidates, now it’s your turn.  Feel free to sound off in the comments.

I’ll report back tomorrow with the success (or disaster) that follows.

Vote away!


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