3xB: Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Imperial Helles Bock

This week’s Big Bottle:  Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Imperial Helles Bock

Sierra Nevada makes some of my favorite beers.  I am a fan of their ubiquitous  pale ale because it was the first pale ale I tried, and I developed a strong taste for it the winter I was snowboarding in Lake Tahoe.  Because of my association with snowboarding, I also think that beers from Sierra Nevada go great with another famous snowboarding vice: admiring the shit out of some double rainbows .

Sweet sassy mollasy this is a tasty beer.   And for a big bottle, the price is outstanding.  I got mine at D’vines in Columbia Heights for around $10.

I enjoyed this beer while admiring some double rainbows and eating a delicious meal of chicken breast stuffed with sun dried tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, and gouda cheese served over goat cheese grits.  This beer was great paired with dinner.  It has a tart sweetness that complimented the sun dried tomatoes and balanced very well with the creaminess of the gouda and goat chees grits.  The Imperial Helles also has that characteristic Sierra Nevada-y flavor that I taste in all their offerings.  It’s kind of a unique mineral flavor that I imagine the beer gets from the water used in the brewing process.

So, the final verdict is that this is an outstanding beer.  Incredibly tasty and available at prices so low you are actually losing money by not drinking it.  Seriously, put this in your mouth.  It tastes like this:

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