A Trip To Mad Fox Brewing

Mad Fox Brewing Company has only been open for about a week.  It appears to be a small place on the corner of Rt. 7 and W Broad St. out in Falls Church.  But inside, it’s quite spacious.  And on it’s first Friday night, the spacious area was packed with people eager to try out all the new things the Mad Fox had to offer.

My wife and I made the trek out in hopes of sitting down for dinner.  When we arrived, the wait was already an hour.  So… off to the bar!  Finding space in the bar area wasn’t too bad, just had to work a little ways through the crowd, however seats at the bar weren’t open, and didn’t seem like they were ever going to open (I suppose that’s the downfall to a place having great, fresh-brewed beer).

A bit crowded

Eventually we were able to get a couple seats.  The standing and waiting game is never one of my favorites, but I had high hopes and I wasn’t ready to give up yet.

Since by now, we were both starving, we decided that appetizers would be the way to go.  But, we were met by a bartender with some very sad news:

“We’re out of the pretzels and the frickles.”

No soft baked pretzels?  No deep fried pickles?  WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DOOOOO?!?

We ordered the onion rings (calm down).  They were great!  Thick slices, tasty batter.

And of course, if you’re sitting at the bar, you have to order beer.

Mmm, sampler!

And here, you can get a sampler!  Four 4oz. samples of any beer available.

For my first run:

Kolsch – Pale yellow and clear with a mild hoppy aroma.  Taste was very crisp with a nice citrusy sweet finish.  Perfect for the summer.

Saison – Yellow and slightly cloudy with a very complex aroma (spicy, citrusy, even some cloves thrown in there).  It has a great tangy, citrusy flavor with a mild hoppy bitterness in the finish.

American Pale Ale – This one poured a clear bronze color with a huge floral hop aroma.  Flavor started hoppy, mellowed into a sweet malty taste, and then finished hoppy.  Mmm, hops.

Porter – Dark brown, almost black and you could smell the coffee immediately.  A sweet malty beginning with a solid coffee flavor and a mild mix-in of dark chocolate.

After we got through our onion rings and the first sampler it was time for us to sit down for dinner.  Luckily our bartenders had given us some suggestions as far as food goes.  Everything on the menu looked delicious and we would’ve been there forever had it not been for the bartenders’ words of wisdom.  For dinner, my wife went with the burger, after hearing the bartenders talk about the fresh ground beef, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, and house-made condiments (I’m salivating now).  I got the steak frites.  I’m a sucker for marinated steak and hand cut fries.

The food was fantastic!  Everything was delicious, nothing negative about it.

With dinner, it was Second Sampler Time!!!

The second run included:

Kolsch – (again, it’s just so refreshing)

IPA from the cask – Golden and slightly cloudy with a fresh citrusy hop aroma that attacks your nose.  Had a nice citrus hop flavor throughout with a mild malty backbone.  Very well done.

Porter from the cask – Exactly as the regular pour, but this beer was a bit more complex in flavor.  The cask conditioning allowed the complex coffee and chocolate come out a bit more.  I’d recommend this in cask over the CO2.

80 Schilling from the cask – Brown and slightly cloudy with a great caramel aroma.  This beer was sweet, but balanced so perfectly.  It had a nice clean finish and didn’t loiter on your tongue like many casks can (my favorite of the night).

Everything was incredible.  So good, in fact, that I went back out again on Sunday to fill up my growler!  Had a chance to meet Bill Madden who was busy brewing up a new beer in the brewery (what an awesome job).  Great time, great place.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend heading out to Mad Fox Brewing Company.

Thanks Mad Fox!

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