Best of Washington – A Beer-trospective

I lucked out and was able get into the Washingtonian’s Best of Washington Party yesterday at the National Building Museum.  First off, I want to say, I love going to any event at the National Building Museum.  Have you ever been in there?  It’s beautiful.  Huge pillars, a central fountain, all inside the place.

Anyway!  The premise behind the party is to bring 30 of Washington’s best restaurants under one roof and have them show off all their fancy foods.  This premise is a fantastic one.  I like a lot of great food in one area.  But, this is a beer blog, so my food ramblings will be short.

Many of you reading this have been to SAVOR.  A great event held at the Building Museum each year with many of the top beers from the craft beer movement.  The Washingtonian’s Best of Washington Party is the exact inverse of SAVOR.

At SAVOR, you have many great beers to try, and a few good foods, but a bunch of mediocre snacks.

At Best of Washington, you have many great foods to try, and a few good beers, but a bunch of mediocre beers.

The high beer points at Best of Washington were from Goose Island and Starr Hill (butchered by the organizers as Star Hill, what happened to the 2nd R?).

Goose Island brought in the Sofie farmhouse, the Honkers ESB, the 312 wheat, and the IPA.  All in all, a good selection from Goose Island.  I would’ve liked it better if they had brought in one of their darker beers (Bourbon County Stout!), but I understand their decision.

Starr Hill brought the Dark Starr Stout, The Love wheat, the Lucy (wild summer beer), and the Northern Lights IPA.  A nice broad range from Starr Hill.  The Dark Starr is a fantastic stout.  If you can find it, drink it.

The downfall of the event, however, was the other beer selection.

They brought in some okay imports, like Beck’s, Stella, etc.  You know, the standard “imports”.  But the real disappointment was a table labeled “Specialty Beers”.

The “Specialty Beers” table had such failures as Wild Blue Lager, Redbridge, and my personal favorite Shock Top.  First off, the Wild Blue may as well be a Smirnoff Ice; the Redbridge is great if you have celiac disease (it’s made from sorghum), if you don’t, stay far far away; as for the Shock Top, it’s crap.  Damn you AB-InBev!  I will not drink your fake craft beers!  You hide your crappy beer in these fancy labels and try and pass them out like they’re good craft beer.  They suck!  All of them!


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