The Sad Day That Almost Was

Many of you had heard the rumors, “Bear Republic is pulling out of the DC beer scene.”  It was a frightening thought.  One of the big players from the California market would no longer be available out here on the East Coast?  What did we do to deserve this slighting?!?

Was it going to be a mad rush to grab what was left?

A lot of questions were swirling around.  Mostly “why?”

Losing Bear Republic would be a sad situation.  Imagine being 4 years old again.  You’ve got yourself a sweet Hot Wheels car collection.  Things are great!  Mom and Dad said you could go over to Tommy’s to race him on his sweet new racetrack!

I'm gonna kick your ass, Tommy!

Mom and Dad were even cool enough to buy you that sweet new Delorean that’s supposed to go soooooo fast!

And then you even tricked it out to make it go sooooo much faster!

You’re so damn excited you’ve nearly peed your pants twice already just thinking about it!

But then, Saturday morning rolls around.  You’ve been talking trash to yourself in the mirror since 6am to get all pumped up to totally kick Tommy’s ass.  You go to get your sweet car, but can’t find it.

It’s gone!  Nowhere to be found.

Sure, you have other sweet cars that you could race against Tommy, but this one was special!

Oh no!

Tommy is totally gonna kick your ass now!

But then, just when you think all hope is lost… there it is!  Your sweet Delorean!  You head over to Tommy’s and totally clown him on his own racetrack.

That’s pretty much how Tuesday went.

Rumors spread that Bear Republic was leaving DC, but then, that night was able to talk to Bear Republic’s CEO and set the record straight.  Bear Republic has no intention of changing its distributions.

Thanks Bear Republic!  And thanks!

One response

  1. You’re welcome!

    Awesome storyline.

    July 29, 2010 at 4:03 pm

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