3xB: Lost Abbey Inferno Ale

This week’s Big Bottle: The Lost Abbey’s Inferno Ale

The Lost Abbey Inferno Ale is an incredible beer.  It was a relatively light beer, but only in color.  A bright yellow color with a little yeasty cloud.

The aroma was very yeasty, what you would expect from a Belgian strong.  A little bit of citrus hops thrown in there to balance it.

The flavor was very interesting.  It has a mild malty back, giving it a slightly syrupy texture.  It’s very spicy and complex.  The surprising part was how dry it was.  The beer seemed to almost completely disappear from your mouth instantly.

Overall, it was an enjoyable beer.  The alcohol content was pretty high, so getting through one bottle of this is plenty.

The fun part about the beer is the frightening label and scary story on the back.

Apparently Satan himself brewed this guy up.  So, if you don’t mind the one-way ticket to hell, I recommend giving this one a try (if you can find it).

Thanks Lost Abbey!


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