Brew Review-Butternuts Beer and Ale Heinieweisse

Looks like a soda to a cop.  You SHOULD drink it while driving!Butternuts Beer and Ale is a fun and focused brewery in upstate New York.  They only offer four different brewing styles and they only come in cans, which is definitely unusual for a craft brewing outfit.  I like this touch because the cans don’t really look like beer cans.  They look more like fancy sodas, so I can drink this beer when I walk my dog in the neighborhood.  Hooray for looking less creepy!

You might know Butternuts from their Porkslap Pale Ale or even their Moo Thunder Stout.  Both are fine fuller bodied beers, but Heinieweisse is the runt in the litter.  The Heinieweisse is an excellent approximation of a weissebier with a huge head when you pour it.  The sweet aroma brings back great memories from Organic lab when we learned about esters by making ethyl acetate.  O the ridiculous sweet smell of learning!   The esters give this beer an overt fruity quality that mixes with a subtle creaminess.  The sweetness from the esters makes a cold Heinnieweisse a great antidote to the scorching summer heat or the dueling suns of Tatooine should you find yourself in the Outer Rim Territories.


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