Brew Review-New Holland Oak Aged Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter is an IPA from New Holland Brewing Company.  In it’s standard form, the Mad Hatter is a fairly solid IPA.  Strong, citrusy hops giving it a great flavor and aroma.

But, I’m not here to talk about the regular one.  That’s boring.

I’m here to talk about the Oak Aged Mad Hatter!

During my visit to The Black Squirrel I noticed the Mad Hatter tap handle.  I enjoy most beers made by New Holland and this one is no exception.  So, I figured I’d grab it.

Shortly thereafter, I realized it was the oak aged version!

What a wonderful surprise!

This beer was delicious.  A nice dark bronze color, and crystal clear.  A nice bourbon scent just there to prepare you for the goodness you’re about to taste… amazing.  It started with a mild bourbon flavor, followed by a syrupy malt, and then finished crisp and clean with a fresh hop flavor.  It really had all of the flavors I enjoy in a beer, and it managed to balance them out quite well.

So next time you need to celebrate your un-birthday, grab one of these Oak Aged Mad Hatters!

Thanks New Holland!



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