A Visit to The Black Squirrel

I finally made my first trek out to The Black Squirrel.  I was told many good things, and the buzz about it was hard to deny.  After dragging my feet about going (I don’t like Adams Morgan much), I decided I needed to go.  Would it live up to the hype?  Would it be worth going into Adams Morgan?  Good?  Bad?  Picklebacks?

At the initial quick glance, The Black Squirrel doesn’t seem like much.  The little brick rowhouse blends in with its surroundings, but is identified easily by its bright yellow sign.

A walk up the stairs and into the first floor gives you a small dining area and bar in the back.  Keep in mind it’s a rowhouse, so the space is a little cramped, but getting there early should give you plenty of room to find either a seat at the bar, or a table.  I’m assuming that by 10pm on a weekend, it’s packed.

The walls are painted red except for one brick wall that’s covered with old sports magazines (nostalgia!).  I really liked the magazines, a nice added touch.  Sorta Applebees-esque, but not overdone and tacky.

I glanced over the food menu, and honestly a lot of the stuff sounded delicious, but I wasn’t there for food.  It was beer time.

The beer menu is great!  They have an ever-changing draft list, which at the time included the oak-aged Mad Hatter, and a pretty extensive bottle list.  All in all, there’s around 100 beers to enjoy in that tiny little rowhouse.

Another little secret was a small cooler holding Sweet Water IPAs.  I didn’t see them on the list anywhere, but a fellow bargoer happened to order one, and I had to follow suit.  What a great surprise treat!

Finally, I can’t write this up without mentioning the picklebacks.  Now, I had heard about them, but wasn’t sure I’d like it.  For those that don’t know, it’s a shot of Jameson, followed by half a shot of pickle juice.  It may sound gross, but let me tell you, it’s amazing.  They’re absolutely delicious and the pickle juice takes away any harsh flavor you’d expect from the whiskey.  Also, you’re not slamming down some old Vlasic juice.  The Black Squirrel makes their own pickles, so it’s the perfect chaser.  Thanks Hollie!

So, for me, The Black Squirrel met the hype and even exceeded it.  A great little place, with a great atmosphere, and an even greater beer list.  Get out there and visit The Black Squirrel!  I hear they’ve got Fat Tire this month.

Thanks Black Squirrel!

Update (by pyzocha): The Fat Tire (along with a few other New Belgium brews) have arrived at The Black Squirrel.  This alone is reason enough to visit, however, I have to mention the burger I ordered while enjoying a Fat Tire.  They are running a special on a brie-stuffed bison burger.  This burger was spectacular (even at the hefty $15) so get it while you can!


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