3xB: Dogfish Head Namaste

This Week’s Big Bottle: Dogfish Head Namaste

The Dogfish Head Namaste is listed as a beer brewed with coriander, orange and lemongrass.  This beer sounded like a perfect refreshing summer beer.  I was not disappointed.

The beer was a pale yellow and quite cloudy…typical wheat beer.

The aroma was a bit subtle but mostly dominated by some wheat and coriander.

The flavor was crisp with a strong wheat and coriander start and finished with a slightly bitter citrus flavor.  I couldn’t really correlate the normal citrus flavor to the lemon grass, but I could definitely taste some of the orange in the finish.

Overall this was a perfect summer beer with its smooth refreshing flavors or as the bottle says, “A refreshing summer thing, Namaste.” I’d give it a 7.5; keep up the great work Dogfish Head!


One response

  1. We live very close to the DFH Milton brewery and I picked this bottle up for my husband to try-which he did last night. He was just generous enough to give me small taste! (I didn’t read the label for ingredients) just thought I’d try it for him. Glad I did. Very nice – a distinct flavor. $8 a bottle is going to limit it to an occasional “treat,” however. I’ll have to see if their Rehoboth restaurant, or others, serves it on tap.

    April 3, 2011 at 8:49 am

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