Brew Review-Heavy Seas Red Sky at Night

Heavy Seas’ Red Sky at Night is a delicious saison.  A nice part about the summer is that the saisons come out to play.  They’re everywhere.  Most breweries will pump out a saison during the summer months, and Heavy Seas provides us with one of the better ones.

The Red Sky at Night pours a bright golden color, with a slight cloudiness.  Immediately, that clove, yeasty Belgian scent makes its presence known.

The flavor is perfect.  It’s citrusy, and slightly bitter, with a mild maltiness that holds everything together.  It finishes crisp and clean, making it very refreshing.

It is a bit stronger than the average beer, at 7.5% abv, though it’s so delicious you may find yourself ripping through a six pack without realizing it.

Time’s winding down for it this year, so if you can find it grab it.  Otherwise, be on the lookout next summer.


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