Brew Review-Yuengling

YuenglingFor this review I decided to go with the canned version of the Traditional Lager by Yuengling.  This beer is the “Original Amber Beer by America’s Oldest Brewery” and what everyone thinks of when they hear “Yuengling” (even though they make many other beers).

Unlike many of the other beers we’ve reviewed here at J St., there is a good chance you can find a Yuengling Lager in your refrigerator right now.

I’ll be blunt, this is a cheap beer.  However, when compared to the other cheap beers available (Bud, Miller, etc.) this one actually has some flavor.  The taste has a slight malty flavor with a bit of a watery finish as to be expected.  That’s about all there is to Yuengling Lager.

So I can’t say that this beer is something you should rush out and buy immediately.  However, if you need some cheap beer for some drinking games I can highly recommend it.



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