Anheuser-Busch’s Magic Trick

Aiming high.

I recently found out that Anheuser-Busch is planning on implementing new processes in order to reduce the amount of water they use. Their goal is to use 3.5 Hectoliters per Hectoliter of production.

That’s right: AB aims to use 3.5 cans of water to produce 1 can of beer, down from a 2009 ratio of 4.3:1 can. It’s magic, twice over:

1.  They can actually fit 3.5 cans of water into one can of beer (now that’s watered down!)
2.  They can somehow maintain their watered down flavor while putting less water in their beer!

Good news: Maybe they will screw up and actually make their beer have more flavor (about as likely as our “JTonzi” to drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade).

Bad news: They’ll probably just replace water with fake fruit juice to build the Bud Light Lime franchise out to Bud Light Strawberry and Bud Diesel Kiwi…


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