Brew Review-Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout

Oh, Canada!

Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout!  I know you’ve heard about it.  Who hasn’t?  This beer has so much hype surrounding it.  In all honesty, I wasn’t sure it would be able to live up to it.

Oh sweet heaven!  Such a glorious beer.  This baby lived up to the hype!

The premise behind the Founders Breakfast Stout is to basically give you a breakfast-like experience when drinking it.  What I mean by that is, think of all the things you would eat for breakfast: oatmeal, bacon, syrup-covered pancakes, coffee… perhaps Irish coffee in this case.  All of those flavors make an appearance in this beer.  I didn’t mean it’s a beer meant to be enjoy for breakfast, but I’m definitely not saying it shouldn’t be.

The Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout is right in my wheelhouse.  A strong delicious stout, with wildly complex aromas and flavors.

Oatmeal – buried within the darkness is a delicious oatmeal stout which is seemingly the backbone.  Adding a wonderful creamy texture.

Bacon – a mild smoky aroma inviting you in.  How can you say no to bacon?

Pancakes – the delicious malty sweetness and mild maple flavor.  Mmm… pancakes.

Coffee – it can’t be a stout without a good coffee aroma and flavor.  In this case it’s more of a mocha, with some nice cocoa notes sneaking into the mix.

Whiskey – it’s got that nice whiskey aroma and flavor with a mild alcohol burn to let you know it’s not messing around.  I imagine it to be a nice Canadian Club whisky.  Maybe the Classic 12 year old.

Throw all of those things together into a glass and prepare to enjoy!  Overall, this beer will blow your mind, and your tastebuds.  It’s difficult to find this tasty beverage, but with it being Beer Week, you may be able to find it around.  I know RFD had it and Big Hunt is supposed to.  So, get searching and enjoy!



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