3xB: Ommegang Biere De Mars

This Week’s Big Bottle: Ommegang Biere De Mars

I truly enjoy Ommegang beers.  It’s really difficult to find a bad one.  Like Michael Bolton, “I celebrate his whole collection.”

The Biere De Mars was a beer that I had high hopes going into, and maybe that was my downfall.

The beer is brewed with brettanomyces bruxellensis which many beer drinkers find to be an offensive, evil yeast.  It’s especially hated by people that are new to the craft beer world, because it tends to give beer the “spoiled” sense that they aren’t ready for.  In fact, brett’s the stuff that wine drinkers HATE.  To quote good ol’ wikipedia:

[Brett] can impart “sweaty saddle leather”, “barnyard”, “burnt plastic” or “band-aid” aromas to wine.

Sounds good, huh?  I especially like the “sweaty saddle leather” aroma.

Anyway, the Biere De Mars is one of those sour beers.  It has a nice bronze color with that sour, over-ripe fruit smell happening.  The flavor is actually quite good, if you can get past the spoiled fruit scent, and are ready for a sour beer.  It’s not overly sour.  Definitely not as sour as a Duchesse.  It has a nice citrusy flavor with a surprisingly dry finish.  It kinda feels like you swallowed a sponge, it leaves your mouth so dry.

Overall, it’s not a bad beer.  If you’re looking for a sour beer but not too sour, it’s a good pick.  It’s sourness is more subtle than a Flanders Red, but still there.

I think having the high hopes for this beer may have killed it for me.  It’s a tasty beer.  Fairly complex.  But, I don’t think it’s a beer that I would drink regularly.  And that’s why I rated it as such.



2 responses

  1. Part of the reason you can’t drink it on the regular is that it comes in a big bottle though. So I need you to clarify, is this a beer that you wouldn’t drink regularly assuming you could get it commonly on draft/in 12 oz. bottles? Clearly you’re not going to buy a 750 of this on the regular to drink (I don’t know about other people, but I don’t drink 750s of any kind on the regular).

    September 3, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    • If it was in 12oz bottles, I’d still pass on it. There are plenty more sour beers that are better. It was a disappointing beer (to me). I was expecting more flavor out of it, but it fell flat for me.

      September 3, 2010 at 2:51 pm

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