Brew Review-Bell’s Octoberfest

I normally don’t associate Germans with weakness. A bad sense of humour, cheesy music, and glockenspiels sure. But not weakness. I also associate Germany with pretzels, steins, and the camaraderie of a beer hall. Plus of course the beer in the beer hall.

So even though it was still August, I was excited to see Bell’s Octoberfest on a draft list last night. See, I like Bell’s as a brewery, and adore fall beers. I figured this was a surefire win…

I was wrong. Bell’s Octoberfest is apparently done in the German Wiesen style of Octoberfests. If I had known this going in, I would have been even more excited. Like I said, I don’t associate Germany and weakness.

The beer pours slightly light with a nice golden colour and a weak aroma, that should have been my first clue. The first sip tasted like: a German lager. Seriously, there was no other flavour at all. I took another drink sure I must have missed something. There, buried in the crisp aftertaste, I finally caught a hint of something more, but it was weak and only gave the vaguest hint of an Octoberfest. Saddened, I went back to staring blankly off into space and dreaming of punching Nazis while I finished my beer.

The scary thing was that by the end of this, I actually wasn’t hating this beer so much; it was coming off as light and very drinkable.

If you really like “fall” beers, this is not the beer for you. If you prefer something lighter with mild flavour and are often turned off by the overpowering flavours of some similar beers, this might be for you.


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