Brew Review-Brooklyn Local 1

Local 1

Summer TV sucks.  Seriously.  I need prime time to start up again.  These re-runs are killing me.  So what did I decide to do on a Tuesday night after flipping through my 800-some channels?  That’s right – open up a big bottle of Brooklyn Local 1, kick back on the couch and flip through my TiVo in desperation of finding something on that’s better than Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

The Brooklyn Local 1 is one of three non-seasonal big bottles Brooklyn Brewery makes, Local 2 and Hopfen-Weisse being the other two.  This Belgium Strong Pale Ale lives up to its name at 9% ABV.

When you pour the beer into a glass, you are met with an abundance of foam.  This is due to the fact that the beer has been bottle refermented.  After a few painstakingly slow minutes, a yellowish and slightly cloudy beers appears.  It has a yeasty aroma, with a slight hint of wheat.  The beer starts with a strong citrus flavor that mellows over the palate and manages to mask the taste of the alcohol.  Overall, the flavors are solid.  But, Brooklyn sets the bar pretty high.  I was expecting more, but it was still very good.

So, to sum up – lots of foam, yellowish/cloudy color, and citrus flavors.  I would recommend it to someone if asking.

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