Brew Review-Flying Dog Dogtoberfest

It’s officially September.  Which means it’s time for Oktoberfest beers! (yes, I know most of them were out in August, but now that it’s September I can acknowledge their existence)

The Flying Dog Dogtoberfest is a marzen.  Marzens are considered the classic Oktoberfest beer.  They’re a nice transition beer from summer to winter.  They’re very malty.  Kind of a stepping stone from those light and fruity summer beers to the strong and spicy winter beers.

Generally speaking, I find the marzen style to be a bit too malty.  I like the chocolaty and coffee tastes you would get from a stout, but the caramel, molasses I get from most marzens can be a bit disappointing.

The Dogtoberfest is a very impressive marzen.  I expected extreme caramel, but what I got was a very smooth, well-balanced beer that even had some citrusy notes tossed in there.

It’s a nice deep bronze color with a sweet aroma, but there’s a hint of citrus hops in there that I didn’t expect.  It has the standard malty front you would expect, but it holds a mild bitterness that finishes clean and crisp (I’m going to point to the citrus hops).

Overall, it’s an extremely enjoyable beer.  I’m looking forward to having a few more.  Thanks Flying Dog!



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