Brew Review-New Belgium Rancher IPA

Spending the weekend in Fort Collins, CO, I had the good fortune of sampling a number of New Belgium beers. Though Fat Tire is a classic and their wheat beer is actually pretty good, the Ranger IPA was my personal favorite. It also seems quite well-regarded among Fort Collins locals, but I’m guessing this is at least in part due to the inevitably low bar on any college campus.

In the wide world of IPAs, Ranger isn’t going to catch anyone off guard, but by no means does that make it a bad beer. Quite to the contrary, I think the crisp simplicity of the beer made it perfect for the 90+ degree heat we were in.

Slightly lighter in color than some IPAs, Ranger was deliciously bitter without leaving a strong aftertaste. It had a lot of flavor but stayed mild enough to allow you to enjoy a couple in a row without needing something to balance out the bite. To get very specific, I found it to go very well with a pork chop, as both were substantial and flavorful without being too heavy or at all overwhelming.

I would recommend Ranger to anyone, but I wouldn’t disagree if you said there were plenty of better IPAs out there.


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