Brew Review-Bud Light in a Rented Tuxedo

For the price of 3 regular Miller Lites you can have 1 Miller Lite in a fancy can!

Yo mama got fired from the sperm bank for drinking on the job.

Yo mama is so fat her blood type is gravy.

Yo mama is so stupid that she slept on the floor when she was locked inside the mattress store.

Yo mama is so ugly Jane Goodall followed her home from the welfare office.

Two truths and a lie:  I love yo mama jokes.  I really enjoy pilsners.   I have never had a bad beer from Oskar Blues.

The lie is I have never had a bad beer from Oskar Blues.  That was the truth until 2 days ago when I tried Mama’s Little Yella Pils.  It’s not a terrible beer, as beers go.  But for $9 a six-pack I need to be able to distinguish your beer from Corona, Schlitz, Miller Lite, and PBR.  The only thing noteworthy about this beer is that it is an exact mimic of every beer available in a 30 rack at 7-11 except that it costs twice as much.  That’s a pretty neat trick.  I guess Oskar Blues Brewing knows there is a whole market out there for beer drinkers who want people to be impressed by the rarity of the can they are drinking from but freak out when beer does not taste like the Natty Boh of Sigma Chi days.  Fine.  But why go halfway?  You could just get a case of Coors for the price of this 6 pack and your taste buds would not know the difference.

Pick up a Dale’s Pale Ale, Ten Fiddy, or Old Chub instead.  You will be much happier than I am right now.


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