3xB: Abita Abbey Ale

This Week’s Big Bottle:  Abita Abbey Ale

When I last watched football, this is what happened.  I know there are more reactions to Landon Donavon’s goal against Algeria and it was a big deal and all, but it was futbol not FOOTBALL!  To celebrate the return of America’s favorite drinking buddy, I cracked open a big bottle of Abita Abbey Ale.

I love Abita beers.  I love them only the way a New Orleanian can.  Abita Amber used to be available at Reginelli’s for $2.00 a pitcher on Tuesday’s.  Most Tuesdays I could show up at any Reginelli’s at pretty much any time of the day and know that I would run into someone I knew having a solid Amber session.  Purple Haze is one of my favorite fruit beers.  I even like Turbo Dog.  So the convergence of Abita specialty beer, the Saints, and the return of football is, for me, a perfect storm of awesomeness.

Suck the head!

I made myself a simple dinner of cheese grits and baked chicken and poured the Abbey Ale into an ale glass and proceeded to vomit at the sight of Chris Berman’s mustache.

The beer itself pours a beautiful reddish brown perfect for fall.  It has wonderful aromas of pigskin, wet turf, and cinnamon.  The actual taste is a splendid blend of smoke and fruit.  I really liked this beer, but I really wanted to like it more.  Had I not just had an amazing Abbey Ale from Ommegang last weekend, I would rate this Abita higher.  However, despite my homerism I was slightly disappointed.

But the Saints won, so WHO DAT!

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