Roundtable Discussion: The Best Beer You’ve had in a Can

Canned beer has gotten a bad rap of the years due to the water that macro breweries call beer.  However, there has been a trend towards putting better beers in cans.  This is great because canning beer is better than bottling beer.  You may ask: “How could this be possible? All the best beers come in bottles!” Well, I’m sure most of you have seen the Sam Adams commercial talking about light destroying (skunking) beer and that’s why they use dark bottles.  Well dark bottles still let some light through, but the almighty can does not let any light through!  Also, it could be debated that the seal on a can is tighter than a bottle cap (especially screw tops) therefore letting less air into the vessel. Side bar for you environmentalists out there, bottles win this battle due to the ease of re-usability.

So what about the beers you can actually find in cans? Tonzi recently weighed in on defending canned beers, specifically mentioning Oskar Blues. This week’s round table will discuss the best canned beers out there.


Maui Brewing Co. CoCoNut Porter.  I’ll be honest, the last time I had this beer was two years ago at the Great American Beer Festival, but it made a lasting impression.  I generally do not like coconut by itself or together with other food and beverages.  However, this beer had an awesome porter flavor with hints of chocolate and chocolate flavor with a finish that had just a subtle sweet nutty flavor from the toasted coconut.  Definitely try this beer if you get your hands on it.


Shiner Bock in a can. More than likely, the Spoetzl Brewers started distributing Shiner in a can for one simple reason – to take it floating on the river, which is exactly why it’s the best beer I’ve had in a can. Close seconds were: $1 Pearls during college, $5 Shlitz w/ Jame-o at Red Derby, and Bavik pils, which is just a good tasting pilsner.

Shocking choice here </sarcasm> Shiner + Intern = Shintern


After appearing in a few different places this weekend, Dale’s Pale Ale made too strong a case for me to look anywhere else.  Not to speak ill of our blue-ribbon-winning friend, but when you sift through a cooler that you think is all PBR only to find that you grabbed a Dale’s, it’s quite the feeling.  It’s like going to a Nationals game where you think they’re playing the Pirates, but realizing once you get there that they’re playing the Red Sox.

Other solid canned beers from Oskar Blues: Old Chub, Gordan Ale, Ten FIDY, and Gubna (stay away from the Mama’s Little Yella Pils)


I’m going with 21st Amendment’s Monk’s Blood.  The beer’s ridiculous.  It’s an abbey style beer… in a can!  They managed to squeeze a crazy amount of flavor and complexity into that little aluminum receptacle (that may as well be made of solid gold).  The Monk’s Blood pours a dark red color and has some of the most intense flavors I’ve ever had, in general, let alone a canned beer.  They manage to put in Belgian candi sugar, cinnamon, vanilla bean, and dried figs.  Then age it on oak.  Seriously, can you think of anything else they could possibly put in there?  It’s incredible!

I still need to try this beer, please bring it to me!


Hmmm… Camo Black Ice?  No wait, that is a malt liquor.

New Belgium Fat tire in a can.  Yes, lets go with that.  In a can, Fat Tire tastes
crisper, and you start to notice things about it, like its hint of
sweet caramel.  Young’s Double Chocolate Stout tastes good in a can

Shocked that J St’s resident PBR lover branched out

Dr. Boozenstein-

Really anything from Butternuts, but I really like the Snapperhead IPA.  Tasty.  It’ll get you drunk!

Short and sweet! Butternuts also makes Moo Thunder Stout, Pork Slap Pale Ale, and Heinieweisse all in cans.


I have yet to hear from X, but I will almost guarantee he will choose the 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die! IPA.

21st Amendment also makes a solid black IPA called Back in Black, but avoid the Hell or High Watermelon wheat beer.

Now you have a selection of great beers to bring to the beach or camping or whatever the new rage is that requires beer to be free of the glass bottle.  Please comment to let us know what your favorite canned beer is, or what we might have missed.


3 responses

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  2. drboozenstein

    You know what is great about can beers? I can buy a 6 pack or 12 pack and transport it on my bike. Bottles on my bike make this scary rattle sound and dangle precariously and I always think they are going to fall through the bag and explode all over the street. Cans can survive a fall, plus they fit in the water bottle holder on my bike better than stupid slim bottles. How am I supposed to drink beer while on a bike ride if it won’t fit in the cup holder?

    September 13, 2010 at 6:45 pm

  3. You really can’t go wrong with Old Chub or Ten Fidy. I would place Ted Fidy at the top of my list just for the overall shock value of pouring sludge out of a can and into a glass. Definitely was the first time I’d ever seen something like that come out of a can. Plus the beer is exceptional.

    September 14, 2010 at 1:47 pm

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