Brew Review-Leffe Blonde Ale

I had this abbey beer served to me on tap in a very americanized Irish pub.  Overall it lacks the pizazz of other Belgian ales that I have had, but it is very drinkable.  I happened to be pre-gaming for a wedding reception when I had it, but I took a little more time with this brew.   The color is a deep amber gold  that is a little cloudy.  This blond ale has a crispy, light, and sweet maltiness.  The hops don’t hit you till the finish, which is both fruity and sour like one of the more subtle lambics.  By subtle, I mean I certainly didn’t feel like I was drinking a carbonated sour patch kid berry smoothie and scrambling to find some starch to get the tarty tang out of my mouth, an experience I have had with some intense lambics.   I also picked up a clove flavor that stood apart from the fruit flavors, which I liked.

While it may be made by the major brewery conglomerate, InBev, which some J Street Beer Review readers may dislike,  I could still picture myself purchasing Leffe Blond Ale again if there is a lack of better Belgian ales to be had.   Compared to a lot of the other macro beers that are ubiquitous in stores and bars across the country, this is one of InBev’s better quality  brews.   So good in a pinch good (2 /3 hops), and meh (1/3 hops) if you’re comparing it to other Belgian ale offerings available to beer enthusiasts.


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