Quick Hit – Bell’s Oracle

I love big beers.  Not big in physical size (though I do enjoy drinking a 22oz or 750ml bottle), but big like it’s a couple beers squeezed into one.

The Bell’s Oracle is a big beer.  It’s a double IPA, which hints at a strong, hoppy, malty overload that promises to crush your tastebuds and your alcohol tolerance in one quick shot.

The Oracle is a great looking beer.  A nice golden color with a little white head that fades away quickly.  The aroma is huge!  An almost apple scent surrounds a mild sweet citrus aroma.

And the taste… so nice.  Since it’s a double IPA, there’s a lot in there.  A mild bitter start, followed closely by a slightly syrupy maltiness. There’s an apple like tartness with an almost pineapple citrusy acidity.  It finishes slightly bitter with a mild floral hoppiness.

The Bell’s Oracle is wonderful.  Plain and simple.  Keep an eye out for it.  (It’s at RFD right now!)


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