Brew Review-Gordon Biersch – FestBier

Gordon Biersch restaurants feature an on-site brewery where  Brewmasters create their house beers, as well as seasonal brews.   Their Festbier is one such seasonal brew and is available from August through October.

The Gordon Biersch Festbier is dark gold/light amber in color with a white head.  It has a lighter body than a Marzen and more hoppy flavor and aroma.   The malt character expressed itself as primarily pils malt flavor.  Adding to the complexity, the Festbier includes dark-roasted Munich malts which gives it a more toasty and lightly caramelized flavor.  Hop bitterness is balanced and moderate.  Because I got a liter serving size and was in no hurry, the beer warmed appreciably to further bring out the malt flavor, which made it taste a little sweeter.  If you don’t want that to happen, get their half-liter size, which is a little over 16 ounces.   You could also buy bottles, but a big part of drinking a Gordon Biersch brew is that they are very fresh if you get them at one of their restaurants.

There is one on F Street in NW DC.  On a related note, all the food I had was quite good.


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