Brew Review-Miller Genuine Draft

“It’s all that was left in the fridge.”

The age-old defense for bad beer selection. We’ve all heard it and most of us have probably used it more than a few times ourselves.

Well I’d like to write today in defense of “all that was left.” Is this because I think it’s a legitimate excuse? Yes. Is this because I went to write a brew review and only had MGD in my fridge? That too. So in honor of the legitimacy of drinking a beer because you didn’t have something better, I’ll treat this review with all due respect.

Opening a Miller Genuine Draft, I immediately thought back to J Street’s discussion of best beers in a can. MGD didn’t get any nominations, but maybe people just forgot about it.

In trying to experience the entire beer, I of course first looked for a distinctive aroma. Pretty much all I got was a metallic scent, with only a vague sense that there was actually beer inside the can too. After pouring it into a glass, the overwhelming whiff of metal was gone, but what remained was about the same. True, I could tell that it was beer, but that was about it. 

MGD pours about how it smells: nondescript and light, but definitely beer. A pale golden color, it shows a fairly heavy carbonation, but offers little in the way of a significant head to the beer.

As I took my first sip, I was surprised to find that MGD’s taste differed from the previous sensory experiences it had offered. Expectedly, it was initially quite refreshing. Having just gone for a run, this was appealing. However, that brief moment of refreshment quickly turned to an utterly watery nothingness. This too gave way fairly quickly, with a wave of acrid bitterness striking the tongue. It was pretty much the taste equivalent of massaging yourself with sandpaper. While being bitter is a great quality in some beers, that comes from high quality ingredients and sophisticated brewing. This bitterness was a reminder with every sip that there are better beers out there.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend MGD to anyone. Unless it’s all that’s left.



2 responses

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  2. pyzocha

    See the problem you made is pouring the MGD into a glass. This beer like most macro brew cans is best enjoyed out of the can – preferably shot-gunning of said can.

    September 29, 2010 at 7:57 pm

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