Brew Review-Goose Island Sofie

Sofie I need a beer.  The fall season finally arrived with intriguing new TV shows and new episodes of our favorites, but alas Comcast is the bane of my existence.  Unsurprisingly there is a service outage and I’ve already watched everything on the TIVO – what am I to do?!?

Well that’s an easy question (especially since I already answered it), I’ll drink some beer.  I decided to grab Goose Island’s Sofie, a 6.5% ABV Belgium style ale that is “80% Belgium style ale blended with 20% Belgium style ale aged in wine barrels with orange peel.”  Interesting, but will these flavors actually show through in the beer?

The very slightly cloudy yellow beer poured with quite a bit of head (it wasn’t a great pour – even pro drinkers have an off night, but nothing to deserve that much foam).  The aroma is a bit underwhelming but had a very natural wheat aroma, maybe a hint of citrus but I think my nose is starting to betray me.

On to the actual taste of this beer.  It is quite wheaty for a Belgium; tasted more like a hefeweizen than a Belgium ale. The orange peel became apparent in the slightly bitter citrus finish, but the aging in wine barrels was not apparent.  I have to admit I’ve never had many Goose Island beers and this is a solid beer, I was expecting a bit more based on the description but I’d drink it again.


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