Brew Review-Big Sky IPA

Finishing my first beer, and needing something to distract me from all the old war stories being swapped around the table, I figured I’d try the other Big Sky offering available, their IPA.  Everyone else’s second beer at the table was identical to their first beer (1 Heineken was bad enough), so enter more joshing for me being young and adventurous by trying a different beer.  Heaven forbid I actually explore anything.

The IPA arrived with a solid frothy head, and a medium amber/orangish colour.  It was clear, but you could see evidence of strong carbonation just looking at the beer.  I could smell some citrus (orange?, lemon?), but couldn’t really distinguish any other strong odours.  The first taste is a nice, big kick of hops, some of the citrus that hit the nose, and then a great malty balance and a very “full” feeling that really makes you feel like you’ve just taken a huge swig.  It finishes pretty reasonably, without really leaving too much of an aftertaste, though I’d never call the finish crisp; mellow is probably the most appropriate.

What really stands out about this beer is the balance.  There’s a ton of really good hop flavour and the strong bitterness that comes with that (maybe even 70IBUs?), but it’s not overwhelming the way some über-hopped beers can be.  It’s definitely enjoyable, but I think the strength of the tastes would wear out before the end of a second beer.



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