Brew Review-Three Floyds Gumballhead

From Chris Stott

I remember when I was a kid (long, long ago), I used to love gumballs.  My mom was always nice enough to give me a quarter to throw into the gumball machine and get one of those sweet chewy gumballs.

Now, I’m older and my tastes have changed.  Not much of a gumball fan anymore.  In fact, not much of a gum fan anymore.  When I’m chewing gum, it’s probably because I was unable to brush my teeth and I need to cover up whatever I had for lunch.

The Three Floyds Gumballhead gives you a bit of a throwback to those times as a kid when gumballs were great.

The Gumballhead is a very surprising beer.  It pours a nice pale golden color with a white creamy head, but the aroma is where the surprise is.

The Gumballhead actually smells like bubblegum.  I’m not kidding.  It’s like a chewed up wad of Dubble Bubble.  It’s sweet, almost like cotton candy.

The flavor is nice, a mild sweetness, nothing overpowering.  It has a nice citrusy hop taste.  It’s a beer you could drink a lot of.  In fact, I recommend you do drink a lot of it.

Also, it has a sweet label.  It looks like a dog smoking a cigarette with a black eye.  That is one bad ass dog.  And this is one bad ass beer.  Drink it!


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