Brew Review-Anderson Valley Boont Amber

I love Anderson Valley beers.  Love ’em.  My first was the Summer Solstice and I’ve loved every one since then (especially the Barney Flats).

For our honeymoon, my wife and I traveled out to California.  We’d check out San Francisco, and wander out into wine country (it was harvest season, it would’ve been a shame for us to miss out on all the wine).

Well, wouldn’t you know that Anderson Valley Brewing Company is out in California too.  Did I mention I love Anderson Valley beers?  I love their beers so much that my wife gave in to my incessant nagging and we drove the 2 hours north up to Boonville.

We got a tour of the brewery (shiny copper everywhere, beautiful), played frisbee golf on their grounds (beautiful countryside), I drank a sample of each of their beers (beautiful… the beers, not me), and I got a picture with the Beer (not so beautiful, but we got a bunch of pictures of my wife there too, so that makes up for my lack of beauty).

So, all together, a great trip to Boonville back in October of last year (been married a year!).  And today, I got to review one of their well-known standards.

The Anderson Valley Boont Amber is AVBC’s go to beer.  It’s the one beer that you can find almost anywhere (and it comes in cans now!).

It pours a nice copper color, and leaves a creamy white head that doesn’t go away (seriously, I drank half of it from the glass and it’s still maintaining the same head).  The aroma is a clean citrusy hop.  The flavor is perfect.  Slightly malty with a mild bitterness.  A great citrusy hop flavor, with a crisp, slightly bitter finish.

I could drink this beer forever.  Sadly, 12 ounces disappears quickly.



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