Brew Review-Lagunitas Dogtown Pale Ale

This pale ale pours a golden copper with a nice head that is thicker than my photo suggests (I drank some).  It has decent lacing and carbonation at about a month out from its production date (six pack).   In terms of mouthfeel, it  is light to medium body and very drinkable.

The taste is very dry and hoppy.  The beer starts off soft and has an aggressive bitter finish.   It has a caramel and crisp biscuit malt flavor that balances the hops.   I tasted, in order of prominence, grapefruit, apricot, and raspberry flavors that likely came from the some of the 43 hops used.   Overall, doggone tasty.   Gulp a glass down if you get a chance.  Like the label says: “Life is uncertain, don’t sip”.

Donald “Don” Von Matterhorn
Revelry and Recreational Sports Division
Von Matterhorn Industries International Unlimited Global Inc.



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