Brew Review-Corsendonk Brown

Corsendonk Brown I’ve been having a total love affair with this beer.   There is no other way to put it.  While it’s been on draft, I’ve had it every time I’ve gone to the bar (probably too often) and even several times in one night.  It’s that good.

Presents with a dark, opaque brown colour and a thick tan head.  It just screams beer at you.  On the nose there are good yeasty smells, some very, very mild fruit (apples) and a hint of some brown sugar.

For a 7.5% ABV beer, this is unbelievably smooth, and contains virtually no taste of alcohol.  It’s sweet, and with some hidden fruit flavours – apples, cherries – up front, that fade into a brown sugar sweet taste and maybe just a very, very slight smoky hint on a crisp finish.  It almost tastes like the wort for a Marzen before the yeast.

This beer is like candy, or a cool mountain stream after a long hike.  It goes down so sweet and smooth that you don’t realize you are drinking.  It could be dangerous, but it’s worth it.



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