Brew Review-Mikkeller Black Tie

You may have heard someone use the phrase “big beer” before.  Generally, it means the beer being spoken of drinks like it’s two (or sometimes three) beers in one.  These big beers are generally high in alcohol and high in flavor.  They tend to be “imperial” styles, barleywines, and many Belgian styles.  The Mikkeller Black Tie is listed as an imperial stout.  It definitely falls into the Big Beer category, and I would even put it in the HUGE BEER category.

The Mikkeller Black Tie is a monster of a beer.  But don’t let it scare you, you need to at least try it.

The Black Tie pours a deep black color; it looks like motor oil until the rich brown head starts to appear at the top.  It’s been barrel aged in scotch barrels which gives it a fairly strong whiskey aroma.  There is also a rich chocolate aroma hidden in with the whiskey.

The flavor is quite powerful.  It’s thick and full of flavor.  There’s a strong coffee and chocolate taste that’s syrupy and sweet.  The whiskey flavor sneaks up on you and ends up finishing surprisingly bitter.  If the Black Tie had a better finish, I would definitely put it on the “Must Drink” list.  But that finish lingers and leaves you with a bit of a bad aftertaste.

I would recommend you try it, if you see it.  But watch out for the finish.




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