Brew Review-Trader Joe’s Hofbrau Bock

Curb Alert: 5 1/2 bottles of TJ Hofbrau Bock

Alright, I’m a little ashamed that I even tried this beer, but hey, I was a bit buzzed in Trader Joe’s and picking up stuff for a party. Being Trader Joe’s, my list included Three Buck Chuck (yes, it’s now a dollar more), and due to some brilliant product placement and a nice photo, I ended up with a $6 six-pack of TJ’s Bock brew.

Yea, I’m a sucker, and the beer had no chance simply because it had Bock in the name. Naturally, I compared it to my beloved Shiner, and it came up lacking. It has the Bock thickness but is too sweet and lacks the smooth finish of a quality beer. Essentially, I am struggling to finish the one beer that I opened to do this review. It sucks.
That said, of course I wasn’t thinking it would blow me out of the water, but it should not be considered the Three Buck Chuck of beer (Charles Shaw is at least drinkable…).

So in the end:

Trader Joes Marketing team: 1

Shintern1909: 0

— Shintern1909


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