3xB: Cantillon Classic Gueuze

This Week’s Big Bottle: Cantillon Classic Gueuze

I had never had a Gueuze before.  I had heard good things, but never actually tried it.  To learn more, hit up Wikipedia!

So, on a trip to Pizzeria Paradiso, I decided it was time to give it a shot.  I went with the Cantillon Classic Gueuze, because if you’re going to try something new, why not go with a quality standard.

The Cantillon Gueuze poured crystal clear, golden in color and quite fizzy.  The aroma is all fruit with a mixture of sourness lurking behind.  The flavor is a bit of a shock.  You’ll need to prep your tongue for the acidic, sour flavor.  It’s reminiscent of a sweet champagne.  It’s very fruity, sour, and highly carbonated.  Your tongue will be very surprised at the sharpness.  It does finish dry (think champagne again).  Overall, if you like sour beers and/or champagne, this is likely right up your alley.




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