Brew Review-Long Trail Harvest Ale

Long Trail Harvest Ale is a seasonal English style brown ale brewed in Vermont, and it is available from September through November. After the pour, there was a  about a finger width worth of froth head.  Its appearance is mostly auburn in color.  The nose has roasted malts, caramel, earthy, and a fruit aroma in the background.  The taste is for the most part dominated by toasted malts, but it also has a nutty caramel flavor with a little earthy kick from the hops.  Thinner and lighter mouthfeel than I was expecting.  A good drinkable beer to get if you are in Vermont or elsewhere in New England, but there are better options in this category.

Donald “Don” Von Matterhorn
Revelry and Recreational Sports Division
Von Matterhorn Industries International Unlimited Global Inc.


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