Brew Review-Southern Tier Oat

I love oatmeal stouts.  The Anderson Valley Barney Flats still remains one of my favorite beers of all time.  So whenever I see an oatmeal stout, I have to give it a try.

As per usual with Southern Tier, I was a bit nervous trying this product.  Will it be a delicious concoction, like their Iniquity or their oak aged Unearthly, or will it be a beer that pushes the limits of my taste buds into the realm of destruction, like their Pum King (yes, I’ll be bashing this beer all year long)?

The Oat is fantastic!  It is absolutely delicious!

It pours deep brown, nearly black, with a tan head.  The aroma is very sweet and malty with a little bourbon kick (the joys of Imperial beers).  The flavor is perfect.  Thick and creamy.  A nice molasses flavor.  It’s very sweet, but it has a nice bitterness added from the hops to keep it from getting too sweet.  The finish is slightly boozy, as its 11% ABV will verify.  Overall, a great beer.

Get this beer, it’s wonderful.



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