3xB: Avery DuganA

This Week’s Big Bottle: Avery DuganA

Avery makes a number of great big beers – the Majara IPA, the Imperial Oktoberfest, and a fair number of “regular” beers too.

Having just finished several Christmas Ales/Milk/Oatmeal Stouts, turning to a double IPA seemed risky, yet appropriate.

It poured a light golden colour, very transparent with a clear head and just some slight traces of carbonation.  It smells just heavenly, with a ton of sweet hops dominating the nose.

The hops really come out in the taste too, along with some softer fruity taste of apples/pears.  There’s almost no malt balance, so the beer does have a pretty bitter finish on the first sip, though very crisp.  As the bottle went, that bitterness really disappeared as well, leading to a very smooth, and drinkable double IPA.  The beer comes off being “big” enough to really enjoy, while not being so “big” that it overwhelms.

-X and Pyzocha


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