Monday Morning Hangover: Wristbands at Concerts

Author’s Note: Sorry about the delay. I had intended to write this over the long weekend, but most of that time was used for booze, food, bowling, and football watching. All of which was typically done whilst nursing a beer/food hangover from the previous day/morning. Happy Thanksgiving + 4 day.

This is a quick and easy MMH. When at a concert or festival, especially one that isn’t sold-out, be aware of your surroundings — particularly the back of hands and wrists. See, wristbands and hand stamps are an easy way to weed out people based on age. It’s a trick that I never really used in college (because it didn’t really matter) or while living abroad (non-applicable due to low drinking ages). Consequently, I was taken to school and taught a lesson recently at an 18-and-up concert. Thankfully, my teacher was not an awkward experience but a friend. Nonetheless, the non-event (aka me hitting on an 18-20 year old only to feel that my current mustachioed look may be more appropriate in a windowless van) can serve as a reminder to us all to be mindful of our surroundings and use subtle clues to prevent us from waking up and feeling like a perv (thus compounding our hangover).

Other benefits from this lesson:

1) Not being arrested for contributing to a minor, etc

2) Dignity

3) Not waking up in a room complete with a roommate or housemates (and by housemates, I mean parents)

4) Knowing how to find underage people at a club/concert/festival — This is for other underage people, but I imagine mustached dudes may use it, too…

Disclaimer: some underage people have fake IDs, which would defeat my lesson, so keep that in mind; the wristband is just the first test you should use.

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