Beats and Beer, Sounds and Suds, Music and Malt Beverages?

Music and beer tend to go hand in hand.  Think about the times you’ve been drinking a beer in complete silence.  It doesn’t happen often does it?  (unless you’re like me and hide in a dark corner pounding through Miller Lites… I kid, I kid)

Music is often times an important part of the drinking experience.  Remember that Presidente you had at the resort in the Dominican Republic with the salsa music echoing in the background?  What about the Coors Light at the country bar where Garth Brooks was saying something about friends in low places?  The Natty Light at the frat party with the hip-hop beat pounding in your ears?  Or maybe it was the Jolly Pumpkin La Roja you were sipping at the Big Hunt while listening to that Aesop Rock track that managed to stick in your head for the next 8 hours?

Regardless of the situation, there’s a very good chance that there was music playing in the background while you were enjoying your last tasty beverage.  So, my questions to you are these:  What do you listen to when you drink (assuming you have control of the music)?  What song would you play, if given the opportunity?

I like to think that drinking and music are both situational.  Are you happy?  Perhaps a light beer and some energetic music.  Are you trying to wind down after a rough day at work?  Here’s an imperial stout and some smooth jazz.  Are you lost in the woods?  Have a black IPA and some dueling banjos.  Here are a few songs I like that can be played in varied situations:

Lucero – Kiss The Bottle.  This song’s actually a cover of an older punk song, but Lucero does a great job of turning it into a country rock song that begs you to drink while listening to it.  You’ll likely drink cheap whiskey chased by cheap beer, but drink all the same.  In fact, a lot of their songs give off that kind of vibe.

Reel Big Fish – Beer.  Are you looking for upbeat depression?  Well, this song handles it well.  The lyrics are sad and self-loathing, but the music is exciting.  It’s like an uplifting sing-a-long for drinkers that just went through a breakup.

Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass.  Have you ever been to the Big Hunt?  If you can say yes to that question, then you’ve been drinking while listening to this song.  Big Hunt always has some quality beats to match their quality beers.

Phish – (anything).  Maybe you’re the kind of drinker that likes to sit back, relax and work your way through the hoppiest beer you can find.  I’m assuming you’ve moved past the tie-dye phase, and the six foot bong you nicknamed “Mandy the Mind-Blower” is now just a lamp in the corner.  But, it’s always nice to drift back to those college days.

What do you listen to when you kick back a few beers?  What do certain songs remind you of?  The possibilities are limitless, and I want to hear your experiences.


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