Brew Review-Southern Star’s Bombshell Blonde

Southern Star Brewing Company Bombshell Blonde Conroe, TX; American Blonde; 5.2% ABV

I was the lucky recipient of a birthday care package from my college roommate, Big Poppa Bear Black, that was stock full of Texas beer. While I have had most of them before, the Bombshell Blonde piqued my interest because I had never heard of it or Southern Star BC. So, I cracked open a can, poured it into a 12 oz glass, and sat back to watch my beloved Liverpool FC blow a one-goal lead in the second half to Tottenham. To make matters worse, it was a replay of the Sunday game, and I had already looked up the result. At least, the beer could surprise me.

The beer pours a cloudy gold/amber color a shade lighter than honey and simmers down to a thin head. The beer smells lightly of honey and sweet. The brew tastes malty and is followed up with a bitter bit towards the end. The distinct tastes doesn’t really hangout long, but the beer’s flavor mixture seems to — it’s just hard to distinguish its different aspects. As for the beer’s body, it starts off light but seems to linger heavy; however, it is smooth and, due to the balance between the malty front and bitter back, could be a session beer during the summer. One advantage is that the beer is canned, so it could make a great addition to your cooler during your next trip to the river to float/swim/camp/fish.

— Shintern1909



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