3xB: Boulder Obovoid

This Week’s Big Bottle:  Boulder Obovoid


Pyzocha and myself had the luxury (privilege) of trying the Boulder Obovoid.  The Boulder Obovoid is an oak-aged oatmeal stout (totally up my alley), out of Colorado.

The Obovoid pours a very dark brown, practically black.  It has a very strong coffee aroma with a very slight hint of bourbon.

The taste was good.  It starts with a quick alcohol kick, followed by a sweet creamy mouthfeel and malty flavor, then a quick dive into the strong bitter coffee flavor.  The finish was surprisingly light and empty.

I had high hopes for this one.  After all, it’s billed as two of my favorite things: oatmeal stout and bourbon.  It left me kind of disappointed in the end.  Not a bad beer, just not a great one.



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