Adventures in Tailgating

TailgatingNot much beats tailgating for a football game.  You have grilling, games and most importantly beer.  Unfortunately the beer of choice at most tailgates is some sort of light macro brewed beer.  This is generally okay because tailgating is more about socializing, having a good time with friends and of course getting a good buzz on so you don’t have to pay for $8 stadium beers.  On my most recent adventure, I decided I would try to class up the beer selection a bit.
The tailgating was going to start early – in the parking lot at 8 am early (it was for a noon college football game). So the obvious first choice was to bring Founder’s Breakfast Stout, you know because it was breakfast time. Aren’t I clever? Sticking with the breakfast theme the next choice was Kona’s Pipeline Porter with its wonderful coffee flavor.

The masterpiece of my attempt to class up the beer selection of tailgating was an Imperial IPA, brewed by yours truly.  I put two mini corny kegs in a cooler with wheels and my friend was bringing the CO2.  Everything was set.
That was until I realized that I had forgotten the ball-lock taps for my mini kegs!  My specially brewed beer was sitting there trapped in the kegs mocking me.  My friends tried to console me with one of the Kona’s (it is one of my favorite beers right now), but it wasn’t really working.  There had to be a way to make this work.

One of my friends noticed that the tops can come off for filling and re-filling the kegs, grabbed a pitcher and suggested that I just pour out of the keg.  Hooray! The tragedy had been averted!  I now had two kegs acting as growlers, but this worked great even though it was a little inconvenient.  To my surprise and relief, everyone thoroughly enjoyed my beer, played some games, ate some food and just had an ideal tailgating experience.

This is all happy-go-lucky tailgating, but when you put this many people drinking this much alcohol in a confined space there is always a bad apple or two in the mix.  They almost always come out after the game during the post game tailgating when everyone has a good buzz and adrenaline built up from the game.  This just causes people to act stupid which inevitably leads to a fight.  Sorry to lecture, but this can easily be avoided if everyone just drinks within reason and would think before doing something stupid.  Which would result in the best tailgating experiences for everyone.

Overall, my attempt to class up the beer selection was a success.  Very few people in our group drank macro brewed light beers and everyone had a great time.  The use of better beers had an unintended benefit as well (besides drinking a beer with some actual taste).  These beers had a higher alcohol content, so less were needed to get drunk resulting in fewer trips to the porta-potty.  So next time you are tailgating I would highly recommend ditching the typically used light macro brews for higher alcohol beers with some flavor.


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