Brew Review-Bell’s Winter White

I bought a six pack of the Bell’s Winter White a few weeks ago with the intention of writing a review of it ASAP.  This obviously did not happen.  I’m not sure how I could let beer sit in my refrigerator that long, but I knew I would get around to it eventually.  That time came this past Saturday.

This was a less than ideal time for drinking a beer for a review as Tonzi, a friend of ours, my girlfriend and I were playing a drinking game.  So you will have to excuse me for my vagueness.

First, as a disclaimer I must state that I am not a fan of spicy winter beers.  This is why I chose the Winter White because I assumed that it would be a bit different because winter beers tend to be dark.

Well I was wrong, this beer was still quite spicy, but not as bad as it could have been.  It poured like a normal wheat beer – yellow and cloudy and had a light body, but that is where the typical wheaty white style ended.  The aroma was spice with a little fruitiness and the overall flavor was spice.  Based on my drunken state I could not tell you what spice was in the aroma and the taste, but if I had to venture a guess it would be cloves.

Overall this beer worked well for the situation – heavy drinking – with its nice light body without a high ABV (5%) and it’s a nice change from the dark winter warmers.


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