Brew Review-Kennebunkport Blueberry Wheat

I was strolling through Trader Joe’s to buy last minute supplies for Thanksgiving baking, and I made the mistake of going too close to the beer section. Like Shintern1909, I made a total impulse buy. I picked up a six pack of the Kennebunkport Blueberry Wheat. I had plenty of beer in the house, but it was fall, and chilly out – which reminded me of fond memories of Maine – and those blueberries were just begging me to drink them. I know I’m wading into tempestuous waters with a review of a blueberry beer: they always evoke strong, often parochial, reactions from people, but I’m going there anyway.

I mindlessly drank one beer while making pies Thanksgiving morning, but then really sat down with them the following day. I started drinking around 11 (in Pilgrim days, the clocks weren’t that accurate, so 11am is close enough to noon to be acceptable around Thanksgiving), and by 1:30 had finished the rest of the six pack. It was like eating candy.


I never poured one into a glass, but I’d imagine it as a very light golden with clear signs of carbonation. On the nose there are subtle hints of flowers and bread, and of course blueberry. Most importantly, the taste is both really crisp, refreshing, and not too syrupy. There is obviously a strong blueberry taste – mainly in the middle – but it’s well integrated with the rest of the beer. This is heavily carbonated, even for a wheat beer, and that is really what turns this into a solid blueberry. Its crisp up front like a boring wheat ale,and the carbonation helps wash away any lingering blueberry flavour at the close.

As a “beer” this is probably only one hop. Its good, maybe even solid, but it isn’t anything spectacular. Within its genre, this is easily a two hop beer, and I wholeheartedly endorse it for pre-noon drinking. It wasn’t my best impulse buy ever (that was the 16th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style), but it was a great treat for an indolent holiday weekend.




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