3xB: Brewer’s Art Resurrection

This week’s big bottle: Brewer’s Art Resurrection

Brewer’s Art is a semi-local brewery for us J Streeters living in DC, since they are just up in Baltimore.  I like to try these local beers in hopes of finding a hidden gem.

When I saw the Resurrection, I was intrigued.  So, Don Von Matterhorn and I split a bottle.  It is a Dubbel style coming in at 7%, poured with a nice dark amber. The aroma was distinctly Belgium with a hint of sour fruitiness.  It all seemed to be good up to this point.

It all went south when trying the first sip.  It was extremely carbonated and this overwhelmed the flavors.  This carbonation was surprising because it didn’t pour with a large head or show any other signs it would be this way.  The little amount of flavors that would peak through the carbonation were not the greatest either.  A bit of fruit (think grapes) and some malt with a slightly bitter finish.

Now thinking that maybe the bottle got shaken or some other events caused the extra carbonation we waited a bit and gave it another go.  Unfortunately nothing really changed… the carbonation was still there and the flavors were still meh.

I can’t tell if we just got a bad bottle or if they are all this way, but based on this tasting I did not find a local gem and I cannot recommend this beer.




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  2. Seconded. It tasted like a fermented concoction of fruity (mostly grape) flavored seltzer water. We likely got a bad bottle as it seems to have received decent reviews elsewhere. And… it is also available in cans. I’d give it a chance to redeem itself if the price was right in a store. Trying it again with DC bar mark-up wouldn’t be worth the risk.

    December 17, 2010 at 4:40 pm

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