Brew Review-Bruery Mischief

When I told X that I had tried this beer, he interrupted me with a valid point: “Bruery is hit or miss because they make so many beers.” To me, Bruery is on par with Dogfish Head – both make a wide variety of beers through continual experimentation. This is not a bad thing, but it does lead me to usually seek others’ advice before trying a new type (nothing like shelling out $7 for a glass or $10 for a big bottle of beer that you don’t enjoy). That said, on Monday I was in Meridian Pint and debating between having another beer after my AV Winter Solstice when the bartender said that Mischief was on sale for $6. Done deal, and I settled in for another.

Aside from a lot of bubble action, the beer poured really clear and came out a nice yellow gold color. Tucking in the mustache to get the glass up to the ol’ sniffer, I was able to get a nice fresh citrus smell that was not overbearing and hinted that this beer was going to taste fantastic even if all things so far pointed to it being a summer beer. The taste was spot on with the smell. It hits with a mild-sweet citrus taste up front and is smooth sailing from there. Despite all the bubble action on the pour, it is not overly carbonated and very light bodied.

The only knock on this beer is that I’ve been introduced to it during winter when it’s a very summer beer. Come May, I’ll be out on the prowl for Bruery Mischief and an outside seat where I can rip through several of glasses while enjoying the Sun. Then I’ll probably pass out due to the 8.5%, but it’ll be worth it. Til then, I’ll have another round and try to pretend there isn’t still snow/ice on the ground.

GET IT! (now) and GET IT! (again in the Summer)




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