Brew Review-Corsendonk Christmas

It’s almost Christmas time, and I was finally done with work for the calendar year, so I stopped off for a beer (or 4) on my way home, and that included the Corsendonk Christmas.  This dark Belgian, at 8.5%, definitely makes for some happy holidays.

It pours very dark and opaque, with a slight ruby colouring around the edge.  A small head deteriorated pretty quickly.  It gave off notes of honey, berry fruit, malt, and something for the life of me I can’t put my finger on.

This beer has a delicious mouthful.  It starts very sweet, with a sweet, sweet pull of honey that quickly intermingles with some berry or plum fruit taste, and supplemented by a good nutty, roasted malt undertone.  There is also some spice that ties this all together, but for the life of me I cannot put my finger on it.  While there may be slight traces of cinnamon or nutmeg, it certainly isn’t that.  For a while I thought it might be ginger, like the GL Christmas, but dismissed that by the second half of the glass.  I asked Shintern for his opinion, and neither of us could pinpoint the taste, though it gives the berry a great spicy compliment to all the fruit and honey sweetness.

This is a great Christmas Ale that isn’t too complex or heavy, and has a great amount of flavour without being too sweet or too spicy.  I didn’t tire of it for one sip through the entire glass.  A 750 of this would make a great holiday treat for that special beer drinker on your Christmas list.


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  2. Mike

    I picked up one single bottle of this beer for $.99. It’s April and I know people who feel it’s a status symbol to hold Great Lakes Christmas Ale months after X Mas of course. Drinking it however my local grocer has kept it; doesn’t taste bad, hopefully it was this past X Mas 🙂

    Anyway I do taste the honey and sweetness on the initial sip. To tell you the truth domestics don’t do it for me, too watered down. I think this would be perfect pizza or steak beer. Hell I would venture to eat some X Mas cookies with this brew!

    Sorry that no on else has given any feedback on your blog. I hope you check this; my wife has friends in PA. I would love for someone to show me a decent pub.

    April 10, 2014 at 10:22 pm

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