Brew Review-Wachusett Milk Stout

A friend of mine back in Massachusetts sent to me a “care package”.  This care package is the best kind of care package.  Within its cardboard walls, it contained 6 big bottles of fine craft beer.  I can’t describe how wonderful a care package of this kind is.

A great feature of receiving a box like this, is getting beers that are unavailable here in D.C.  One of the beers came from Wachusett Brewing Company.  I consider them one of the best little breweries around.  They make a series of solid beers.  The only sad part is that their distribution reach is pretty small (really only in New England).  Plus one of the founders is a fraternity brother of mine (Hey Ned! Send down some beer!).

In this package was the Wachusett Milk Stout, a beer I was looking forward to trying.  I enjoy most stouts and have enjoyed my share of milk stouts in the past.  It was time to try one from an old friend.

The Wachusett Milk Stout pours a deep brown, nearly black, color with a light creamy head.  The aroma is mostly coffee with that mild sour milk scent.  The flavor was great.  A nice creamy, malty sweetness with some coffee and mild chocolate notes.  The finish has a mild sourness from the lactose and a slight bitterness from the coffee taste.  It would definitely rival Duck Rabbit’s.

If you have the opportunity to get it (lucky people in New England), pick it up.  It’s a nice sweet treat.



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