Brew Review-Hillas Lager


During my most recent visit to Chicago I had the pleasure to visit the Parthenon in Greek Town.  And when in Greece, act like a Grecian… or however that saying goes.

So, I got a Hillas lager to go with my meal.  Imported from Greece, it should go perfectly with a Greek meal, right?

Well, the Hillas was basically a hoppier Miller Lite.  It was pale yellow, and crystal clear.  It had a mild floral hop aroma (which set it apart from the Miller Lite).  The flavor was crisp and mild with a slightly bitter floral hop finish.

If I was out in the sun in Athens, it would probably be perfect.  But, I was inside on a cold winter day, so it didn’t really fit the bill.

The Saganaki and lamb loin, however, made up for the flavor that the Hillas lacked.




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